A golf-course in your neighborhood at Palava!

Are you an avid golfer? Are you keen to learn the game? Or even better, do you play it professionally? If your pick is either of this three then a golf course in your neighbourhood would suit you the best. And that is just what Palava has for you!

Situated in close proximity to Xperia Mall in Palava City, there is an immaculate 9-hole golf course designed by the renowned golf architect and consultant
Colonel Bagga, who has built several spectacular courses around the country. Palava’s golf course plan is meticulous and is well detailed out. If you are a Palava resident, you do not have to plan your golf course visit a week in advance as this sports facility is at a walking distance or a quick ride away from your home!

Not a Palava resident? Do not fret! All golf aficionados are welcome to play on Palava’s golf course. What’s more is that it offers varied gradations – from easy to moderately challenging. So whether you are new at the game or an avid golfer, you can up your swing with the finest professional coaching and training facilities

Palava’s 9-hole golf course has an academy for juniors and adults, over a round of 9-holes and 18-holes with 50 balls per lesson run by Golf Design India. For further details you can visit the course or contact 9146853381. The next time you want to take a swing across the yard rather than fitting it in a packed schedule we recommend you take a day off and visit Palava and make it a golfer’s-day-out!

The golf course price is detailed out below:

    Golf Academy at the Lodha Golflinks, Palava City
  One Month Three Months
  Adult Junior Adult Junior
Lessons 6 6 15 15
Range Fee Included Included Included Included
50 balls for the lesson Included Included Included Included
Round of Golf(9-holes) 2 2 5 5
Round of Golf(18-holes) NA Na 1 1
Package Fee INR 6500 INR 5500 INR 17,500 INR 15,500

Have you wondered why Mumbai has such few golf courses that are spread wide and far? One needs ample area to build a 9-hole golf course and in today’s metropolises, finding space for recreational amenities is a luxury! Yet, at Palava, space is plentiful, and open green areas and fitness form the essence of living. More than 60% of the area is dedicated to open green spaces.

Palava has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the residents get access to world-class amenities which enable healthier and active lives, golf-course being one such offerings of the city.

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