Benefits of greenery around your home.

“The future will either be green or not at all.” ~ Bob Brown
What does your home overlook? Living rooms and kitchen studios of the nearby tower? Closed windows? Or a chaotic street? Do you see the sky every morning? Does the sun peek in through the glass? Do you hear the rustle of the leaves outside your windows? Do you breathe fresh air? Let’s pause at the questions and look around the city we live in and thereafter close our eyes and imagine the home we want to build!

While many may agree that change is constant, it is time to pause and witness the cost at which it is taking place today. While skyscrapers are dotting the Mumbai skyline, Palava is expanding its boundary of open green areas! Yes you read right, Palava, the International city with an Indian heart is home to sprawling parks, lawns, airy open spaces and all in the vicinity of the residences.

Palava has over 60% open green spaces, inclusive of the Lakeside Park, Waterside Park, Amphitheatre, the Riverside Promenade and vast grounds to play. Families residing at Palava truly have a wide range of options to choose from! They enjoy their evenings at the beautifully landscaped ~5.5 acre Lakeside Park, spend their mornings at the ~10 acre meditative Waterside Park that is laden with scenic water bodies, jog by the riverside promenade and much more!

At Palava, children make real friends as they spend time playing catch and cook instead of watching videos on loop! And while their build new bonds, our senior citizens strengthen old ones over leisure strolls and morning laughter club sessions! And the health conscious are often spotted sweating it out in their favourite trail in the park!

Such exposures not only makes the residents physically fit but significantly improves their mental health.

In addition to the wellness and health benefits, these open spaces play host to several cultural activities for art, music, community fanfare and more. The Palava City has organised the annual Palava Carnival, open-air movie nights, peppa-pig show, and many other outdoor festivities through the year!

Benefits of open green spaces are definitely priceless.
Inspired by various attributes of the global cities, Palava is designed with focus on a good balance of urban infrastructure and nature necessary for the well-being of the residents. And since over a decade, it continues to live up to that promise.

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