Celebrating 75 years of Independence!

1947, the year Jawaharlal Nehru said, ‘At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.’ It has been 75 years since, and today freedom has several connotations for each of us. At Palava, freedom to some means owning their very first home, living a holistic life, providing the means to their children to flourish and discover the best versions of themselves. To others, freedom means breathing fresh air, immersing oneself in nature, practicing sustainability, and for many, it is living their dream.

On the momentous occasion of India’s 76th Independence Day celebrations, the Mavla Pratishthan led a procession in Palava in the Lakeshoregreen neighborhood, which was followed by a flag-hoisting ceremony at the Lakeshore Club. By playing the thunderous Nashik dhol and the Tasha, the 100 odd Mavla artists, a mix of young men and women, ignited a patriotic frenzy! Over 500 residents joined the procession. They were thrilled and several of them even took part in the celebratory dance with the Mavla troupe.

Independence Day is incomplete without honoring those who protect us and guard our security. So, while our capital honors our Indian Armed Forces, Palava celebrated its Security Guard Force, which keeps it safe. The residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude.

Shraddha Gupta, resident of Palava says, “The city makes sure that every significant event is celebrated in order to foster strong community ties. Palava supports your growth, not only your property purchase. We are thankful to call this beautiful city home which has granted us the freedom to lead the best lives we possibly can.”

Additionally, Lodha collaborated with Creative Idea Stores to produce “biodegradable flags” made out of plantable paper filled with tulsi seeds. It was impressive to make focused efforts to commemorate the event by introducing these eco-friendly flags to the residents. After the festivities, all that’s required is to plant the flag in a pot of soil; with a little water, sunlight, and attention, you’ll see seeds sprouting in four weeks. Sustainability has always been a priority at Palava, and this programme only strengthens its ongoing efforts to educate the residents about how to live more sustainably.

Joining in the #HarGharTiranga celebration, Palava saw the Indian flag proudly hoisted with pride in every home.

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