Festivals are deep-rooted in customs and rituals, and Palava ensures it never misses an occasion to celebrate them. Just like every other year, this year too, the Palava City Management Association organised a “Diya and Lantern Making Workshop.”

On the eve of Diwali week, a noted artist and Palava resident, Amol Satre shared simple steps and tricks to make colourful diyas and lanterns, at the Lakeshore Club.

The afternoon witnessed a culmination of art and emotions as parents, grandparents, and the little ones excitedly chose coloured art sheets, paints and embellishments. Under Amol’s supervision, the artists carefully cut, gently glued and nicely decorated their handmade creations.

Palava truly celebrated a ‘Ghar-wali’ Diwali! We hope you, too, had a lovely weekend!

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