Happy spaces and happy faces at Palava!

What brings you joy? Blue skies and tweeting of birds? Unwinding and having fun with friends? Indulging in your favourite sport with a dose of natural Vitamin D? We are sure all this and more lights a twinkle in your eyes. Therefore we at Palava City decided to offer it all to you! You read right, our monthly outdoor event, Happy Spaces will let you bring alive the child in you!

Held outside Lakeside Park on 30th April & 21st May 2023 at Palava City near Dombivli, Happy Spaces hosted a variety of fitness and entertainment that regaled over 200 residents, both young and old. Families flocked to the streets to dance to their favourite Bollywood tunes and happily engaged in Zumba session that celebrates the power of movement, music and community. Residents appreciated learning new calming asanas from Yoga Fitness instructors and realised the key to reducing stress. And that’s not all, while Pal Panthers Skating academy had the skating enthusiasts zip by Palava’s streets on their sleek rollerblades, grandparents tried their hand and fairly quickly mastered Pickle Football organised by Thane FC! Gym regulars made sure they didn’t skip class by attending an outdoor strength and conditioning session organised by Ovi Fitness!

If you are wondering if this was just a one-time event, remember to ask for the schedule of the next one as this event will held every month barring monsoon, to celebrate the open spaces and vivacious spirit of Palava Community! It is more than just a fun Sunday event with outdoor activities, but rather a sustained effort to make the city even more healthy, happy and inclusive. With ongoing citizen support, the Palava team is optimistic that this initiative will gain further momentum and lead to a paradigm shift in how we can best utilise our open spaces.

Palava makes every effort to ensure through community engagement residents comes together, lead a better life, and fully appreciate its open spaces, and Palava Happy Spaces is one such endeavour, thereby upholds the promise of being an International City with an Indian Heart.

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