Kalanjali at Lodha World School, Casa Bella Gold, Palava - School in Dombivli

Kalanjali: A Colorful Celebration of Art and Culture at Palava City

Lodha World School, Casa Bella Gold, Palava City, bloomed with vibrant colours and artistic expressions during the Kalanjali – Art and Craft exhibition. 

The event held in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, was not only a celebration of the Father of our Nation but also a commemoration of the school’s remarkable 10th anniversary

This year, ‘Incredible India’ was the chosen theme, and it explored the country’s diverse culture and heritage as the entire school was transformed into a kaleidoscope of art with the students from Grade I to XII showcasing their talents! The inauguration of the event, marked by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the school’s Principal, Ms. Aditi Banerji, the Vice-Principal, coordinators, and art teachers, heralded the beginning of an enchanting journey through the world of art and craft.

The school were adorned with beautiful paintings, craft exhibits, and decorations that transported parents to different corners of India. Students passionately shared insights into their creative processes, from colour schemes to the unique schools of art such as Bhil, Dokra, Jadopatia, and Lippan that they drew inspiration from.

As Lippan art corner and clay sculpting demonstrations drew attention, eager students lined up to witness the magic and also got a hands on experience in workshops on action painting, fluid art and marble printing.

The highlight of the event was a captivating display in the foyer, which narrated the ten-year journey of one of the finest schools in Dombivli. This exhibition, eloquently explained by students, gave a glimpse into the school’s ten year journey! Kalanjali not only celebrated art but also educated parents about the rich history and cultural significance of various art forms. Parents appreciated the dedicated art teachers and expressed their delight in seeing their children’s artistic skills on display.

Kalanjali turned the Lodha World School, one of the best ICSE schools in Dombivli, into a vibrant rainbow of creativity, offering a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. This day will be fondly remembered by both students and parents, who left with a profound understanding and appreciation of India’s diverse art and culture. 
At Palava, we champion well-rounded development of children. Kalanjali stands as a commendable effort by Lodha World School in nurturing art and culture among our leaders of tomorrow. Such initiatives taken by schools in Palava not only shape the intellectual capacities but also instills a sense of creativity, cultural awareness, and aesthetic sensitivity giving children an enriched and a multifaceted perspective.

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