Palava: An Education Hub

“Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.” ~ George Carver. With this inspiration, Palava seeks to nurture young minds and set them onto the path of excellence. With a continued effort towards ‘Building a better life’ in every way for the community, the academic institutions at Palava are providing young learners with world-class education that empowers them.

The city also boasts of robust education facilities. With 5 operational schools in Palava, the city is one of India’s leading education hubs and offers a choice of boards and world-class schools to the students.

Lodha World School:

Highest level of Academic Excellence

A leader sets the path for others to follow, and in a school, this pivotal task is carried out by the teachers. Along with professional teaching credentials, a majority of the teaching staff at Lodha World School receives training from ‘Harvard School of Education’. Many of the teachers have advanced degrees and are certified in Critical Thinking Problem Solving by the ‘British Council’.

Robust curriculum 

While the Lodha World Schools across locations are diversely affiliated to ICSE, ISC, CBSE and SSC boards, the foundation syllabus is uniform for all. The ‘Inspire Us’ curriculum, designed by Lodha Institute of Teacher Education (LITE), is a result of deep research with a strong focus on academic rigour and the all-round development of young leaders. 

Student-centred approach

A student-centred learning environment entails holistic development of the pupil

  • Symbiotic Learning – Learning from everyone and everything
  • Design Thinking – Going beyond convention to find answers
  • Environmental Consciousness – Protecting and nurturing the environment
  • Emotional Wellness – Looking inward and reaching out

Together, they are fostering a learning atmosphere that enables young learners to transform into bold, resilient individuals of the next generation.

The Shri Ram Universal School

The Shri Way

Be it a 1:10 teacher-to-student ratio, the unique curriculum, a variety of co-scholastic activities or going beyond classrooms for exclusive access to global leadership programs, The Shri Ram Universal School offers learning that is both interactive and experiential. Its educational philosophy is emphatic on providing child-centric education, focused on nurturing the individuality and uniqueness of each child. The programmes and Shri Educators or teachers’ goal is to help each child achieve their “Personal Best” and work towards “Bettering their Best”.

Beyond Classrooms

The teaching-learning process is designed to ensure that the focus is not just on the “what” of learning but also on the “how” of learning. With the belief and conviction that experiential learning creates lifelong learners, the teaching methodology is a diverse mix of specially designed and well-acclaimed programmes, music and literature clubs, sports and outdoor experiences. For example, Circle Time encourages children to voice how they feel and teaches the practice of listening. Discovery Hour focuses on developing logical thinking, analytical reasoning and decision-making with worksheets and exciting experiments. 

A snapshot of the top schools in Palava:

*The fees mentioned above is as on Feb ‘23. Subject to change.

For admissions, please contact:

Lodha World School Opp. Xperia mallNursery – Grade XIIICSE /ISCNursery & 72,000 to 10th – 60,0000
11th & 12th – 75,000
Lodha World School Lakeshore GreensNursery – Grade XCBSE79,000
The Shri Ram Universal SchoolLakeshore GreensNursery – Grade XICSE1,15,000
Pawar Public SchoolCasa RioNursery – Grade XICSE58,500
Lodha World School TalojaNursery – Grade VIIISSC39,000

Lodha World School, Near Xperia Mall:

Lodha World School, Lakeshore Greens:

Lodha World School, Taloja: 

The Shri Ram Universal School, Lakeshore Greens: 

Pawar Public School, Palava:

Though each school is unique, they are united in their mission of delivering quality education and raising students to be competent and contributing members of society. They are guided strongly by their vision to deliver academic excellence benchmarked with global standards and instilling Indian values. 

The city ensures the kids get an overall development not just in academics but other key aspects of lives too. The city has dedicated more than 60% open green spaces, an international standard Olympic sports centre with a professional coaching framework for children to lead healthy and active lives. Additionally, the ongoing efforts taken by the Hospitality Management team at Palava City make sure the kids are engaged in meaningful activities through workshops and they are receive a good exposure to Indian art and culture as well.

Palava consistently makes an attempt to improve the standard of learning and education for its young citizens, in its quest to make them impactful leaders of tomorrow. The city really stands by its promise of an International City with an Indian heart.

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