Life at Palava thrives on the spirit of community bonhomie. In Palava, the definition of a “family” includes neighbours, evening walk buddies, club mates, yoga partners and much more. And this extended family forms the city’s most vital support system that continues to grow by the day.

If you too have family or friends who want to become a part of this beautiful and a closely knit Palava family, look no further and refer them using the “LODHA PRIVA”. This program is an exclusive Lodha loyalty program that helps the customer understand Palava better, assist them with on boarding and help them move to their new home! What more? You get rewarded too.

Palava has recently opened an exclusive LODHA PRIVA Lounge at Lakeshore Greens. The residents can now walk-in and share the details of friends and family members who are looking to buy a home in any of the Lodha projects and can avail benefits. This is the single point of contact for all residents’ loyalty-related discussions, issues, and questions. It also helps new citizens build a supportive network of family, friends and neighbours. To win, all you have to do is refer a family member or friend. Now is the best time to become an influencer!

For more details, please drop an email to or contact the team on 0251-6767311 or use the link and start referring!

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