You began your journey as a swim coach at Palava in 2015; tell us more about your experience and growth.

Oh, it has been a dream come true, and I am enjoying every moment. I started my academy in Palava back in 2015 with only two students who wanted to learn how to swim! And I have not looked back since. We have trained almost 80% of the residents, be it learning the basic swim techniques to students graduating to the intermediate level & pursuing the sport competitively; my team and I have handheld them through their journeys. My team includes my business partner, Aniruddha Mahadik, an award-winning national swimmer & NIS certified coach, and a battery of junior coaches. And our students, in addition to swimming, train with us for cycling, athletics and strength training. I can’t thank Palava enough!

How has your home, Palava, contributed to your success as a swim coach?

It has shaped who I am now. I had always aspired to give back to the community and contribute to the field of sports that shaped my future. Swimming has always been close to my heart, and when I moved to Palava, I got the opportunity to pursue my dream and start my academy. The unstinted support by the Palava City Management Association, the faith and trust of the residents, and the sheer zeal and perseverance to learn, makes this academy a success for my team and me.

What are your goals for the future?

The journey continues, and we are excited about training the students at the state-of-the-art Olympic Sports Complex at Lakeshore Greens. The swimming pool is among the best in the country, and students are fortunate to practice their mock races in a professional environment. While my team and I continue to grow, we aim to see our students continue to compete across national and international tournaments and bring home shining laurels.

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