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Exceptional living with sustainable practices at Palava City

In the words of author and educator, Peter Drucker, “The best way to create the future is to predict it.” And at Palava, we do just that. This concept of creating a sustainable future is something the city lives by and its principles guide the Palava City Management Association’s actions and decisions every day.

Palava is designed in consideration of environmental impact to ensure with its high density it has significant recycling, a sufficient amount of landscape, the lowest levels of per capita carbon emissions globally, and an AQI lower than the rest of Mumbai. Designed to create sustainable real estate development, the city is planned on the 5-10-15 min rule by renowned architect, Aniket Bhagwat. This planning principle prioritizes having daily necessities such as play areas, supermarkets, and schools within a 5-min walk, recreational facilities within a 10 min walk, and healthcare and corporate offices within a 15 min walk. Therefore, at Palava, one can walk to the reputed Lodha World School, The Shri Ram Universal School, The Pawar Public School, the serene Riverside Promenade and Lakeshore Greens, Xperia Mall and more!

Cities are known to attract a rising tide of people that hope for a better life for themselves and their future generations. Palava therefore carefully incorporates several principles of eco-friendly livability. The city’s green landscape preserves indigenous flora such as Sita Ashok and Teak and trees such as Arjun, Bael, Neem, and Sacred Fig and others. Its lush green parks and open spaces are lined with trees from its own nursery in Posari that were untouched or transplanted to fulfill design requirements and are now home to birds and butterflies like Sailors, Striped Tigers, Pansies, and Nawab.

Known to be among the best residential projects in Dombivli, the city has embraced the use of renewable energy. 100% water recycling, rooftop solar panels that generate 772kWp of energy, saving nearly 850 tons of CO2 per year, 100% waste management, and a private fleet of environment-friendly mobility services make Palava an ideal example for any local municipality. These initiatives have resulted in lowering energy needs, improving Air Quality Index, ensuring 24/7 water supply in the Kalyan – Dombivli region, and achieving the lowest per capita water consumption in urban India.Residential projects in Dombivli like Palava are setting a benchmark in sustainability in real estate. With various configurations available, such as flats in Dombivli, 2 BHK in Dombivli, 3 BHK in Dombivli, and 4 BHK flat in Dombivli, there is a perfect home for every family size. Palava, with its design plan well aligned with all the natural elements, strives to grow in harmony with the surrounding environment and provides sustainable living to all!

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