Palava Kids Fest at Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City

Unleashing Joy at Palava Kids’ Fest: A Day of Fun, Creativity, and Community

Last week, the Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City transformed into a vibrant playground of laughter and excitement as children gathered for the Palava Kids’ Fest. This ultimate fun-filled extravaganza was exclusively organized for the young residents of Palava City by Lodha, offering an all-day fiesta packed with games, activities, and creative workshops.

Children playing at Palava Kids Fest at Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City

The festival was a haven for kids, featuring specially curated games and activities designed to ignite their imagination and energy. From kulhad painting and bag decorating to the MasterChef corner where budding chefs tried their hand at creating culinary delights, there was something for every child to enjoy. A graffiti wall invited kids to let their creativity run wild, resulting in a colorful tapestry of youthful expression.

Children doing activities at Palava Kids Fest at Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City
Children having fun with parents at Palava Kids Fest at Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City

Entertainment was in full swing with live DJ music, a drum jam, a puppet show, and a delightful Charlie Chaplin performance. These attractions kept both children and their accompanying adults thoroughly entertained throughout the day. Game stations dotted the lawn, featuring exciting challenges like Ball in the Basket, Inflatable Darts, Angry Birds, and an obstacle course, ensuring non-stop fun and engagement.

Children having fun at Palava Kids Fest at Lakeshore Club Lawn in Palava City

Food stalls offering a variety of treats delighted the young attendees, providing the perfect energy boost between activities. Families roamed from stall to stall, sampling delicious snacks and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Adding to the community spirit, several stalls were set up by Palava City’s in-house entrepreneurs. These resident-run businesses showcased their products and services, receiving enthusiastic support from their neighbors. It was a wonderful opportunity to encourage local talent and foster a sense of camaraderie among residents.

The Palava Kids’ Fest was more than just a day of fun; it was a testament to the exceptional lifestyle that Palava City offers. This event, like many others, highlighted the city’s commitment to providing unique, enriching experiences for its residents. Families left the festival with smiles on their faces, having created cherished memories and strengthened their sense of community.Living in Palava City, home to the finest residential projects in Dombivli means enjoying exceptional experiences every day. From exclusive events like the Kids’ Fest to diverse activities that cater to all ages, Palava City by Lodha ensures that every moment spent here is special and memorable.

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