At Palava, we have consistently focused on green initiatives. The city has taken several noteworthy steps like the use of solar panels and water recycling, which are prudent approaches to reducing energy wastage and expenses thereby.

As part of this endeavor, motion sensors have been deployed in the multi-level car parks (MLCPs) in Palava and at the Xperia Mall. A motion detector is an electrical device that uses a sensor to detect nearby motion. The lights are turned on only when there is a movement. Motion sensors are lately gaining traction as an effective technological approach to reducing energy use in exterior commercial lighting applications.

Thanks to this strategy, we were able to dramatically cut our power requirements. In terms of monetary savings, we have saved Rs. 34.8 Lakh in a year and reduced the wattage consumption by ~80%. This is definitely a step in the right direction for more beneficial energy conservation.

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