Running for a Cause: Palava’s Pink Run

A vibrant sea of pink flooded the neighborhood of Palava City during the last weekend of October as over 500 runners and fitness enthusiasts participated in the 5 km Pink Run, held in collaboration with the AIMS Hospital.

Starting from the Olympic Sports Centre, participants embarked on a scenic route around the Waterfront Park, culminating at the finish line.

The purpose of this event was profound – to shed light on breast cancer, a cause that resonates deeply with many, especially during October, recognized globally as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Echoing the sentiments of the vibrant crowd, marathon enthusiast and a Palava City resident Monica stated, “I’m an ardent marathon runner, I learnt about the event and I immediately registered for the same. It felt like a purposeful way to channel my passion for running.” Monica, also a member of the Palava Yoga Pariwar running group, diligently prepared for the event. “We trained specifically for the run. Being part of a running community keeps me motivated and focused,” she affirmed.

Dr. Tanuja, who was championing the event from AIMS expressed her heartfelt gratitude saying, “Really grateful for the overwhelming support from our residents and the PCMA team for helping in seamlessly organizing this impactful Pink Run for breast cancer awareness. The infectious energy of our community was truly inspiring.”

Beginning at dawn, runners warmed up with the invigorating Zumba session orchestrated by the Pacemakers Dance Academy before and after the run. The Pink Run was more than just a race; it was a testament to solidarity, offering support to the breast cancer survivors who were honored by the medical professionals from AIMS hospital. 

This run encapsulated the spirit of empowerment combining with fitness, community, and a shared purpose of igniting change through collective action. It was more than a mere athletic endeavor; it was a powerful manifestation of unity, making strides towards a healthier and more compassionate community – a vision deeply ingrained in Palava’s ethos.

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