The importance of spacious homes

Remember the years of the pandemic? The thoughts of those times still bring shudder. We came across a quote stating, ‘Within the walls of our home, we found solace, strength, and the unwavering comfort of togetherness. Our home became a sanctuary, a fortress of hope amidst the chaos, reminding us that in the face of uncertainty, we could always find peace within its embrace.’ How true is this statement, in addition to lending emotionally,
physically and mentally security, spacious homes provided several advantages during the tough times.

The COVID-19 pandemic required maintaining physical distance from others to prevent the spread of the virus. Having a spacious home provided the luxury of having more room to move around and maintain distance from your loved ones while enjoying their company! Though while maintaining the 6-feet distance, having larger living areas, separate bedrooms, or outdoor spaces allowed families to maintain a sense of togetherness while
respecting the need for personal boundaries.

While daily routine took on a new meaning, for many the living room became a study room and often the kitchen became a conference room. With WFH (work-from-home) becoming the new normal, spacious homes offered the flexibility to create dedicated home offices or workspaces. The fortunate ones who had a separate work space vouched they could concentrate better in virtual meetings and draw better boundaries between work and life.

We are sure every fitness enthusiast would want to forget about those struggles of not being able to access the gym in their condo or clock those miles on the streets! Those with spacious homes though had the opportunity to set up home gyms and exercise areas, lay out their mats for makeshift yoga studios, and engage in recreational activities without leaving their homes.

And with physical health, the lockdown also challenged our mental well-being. We were confined within the four walls of our home. Each one longed for a space to unwind, relax and enjoy the solitude. ‘Me’ time became most sought after and spacious homes offered this advantage- the opportunity to take a step back from the chaos and retreat into a few peaceful moments within one’s own living environment.

The pandemic brought to fore the essentials that make home a place one returns to. It lent a new meaning to ‘space.’ And we value that the most today!

At Palava City, residents enjoy the luxury of spacious well designed homes with world-class infrastructure tucked away in lush greenery. Also, the city strongly believes in community living, and fosters a sense of belonging and bonding, by organizing meaningful events, sports tournaments, workshops, food festivals and a lot more initiatives across age groups.

Truly an International city with an Indian heart.

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