Explore – 3D Street Art at Palava City

When recalling their travels overseas, people often talk about the bizarre art they saw along the way. We believed that extensive journeys weren’t necessary any longer! Palava, India’s own International City with an Indian Heart by Lodha teamed up with Zaworks to create some mesmerizing 3D street art – which everyone can’t get enough of.

The first 3D street painting is at Xperia Mall – With Palava city as the central subject, the space chronicles an individual’s dream that has turned into a reality. Abound with opportunities for the people to flourish, the city is a beautiful blend of world-class infrastructure, lush spaces and an extra edge of a close-knit community. This interactive piece of art offers a unique window onto the wonderful metropolis.

The second intriguing artwork is a floating Zebra Crossing optical illusion genius which is right located outside The Shriram Universal School, Lakeshore Greens.

At first glance, it looks as though this street has a futuristic makeover with a crosswalk hovering above the road. In reality, this is an incredibly well-designed piece of 3D street art painting. The art is a novel way to create intrigue amongst the students here – drive consciousness towards usage of zebra crossing and thereby spread awareness around road safety. Thoughtfully created in a zone where cars are not speeding, the art has taken road safety to a whole new level.

Visit the locations at Palava, capture your best shots with the 3D street art illusions and upload using #PalavaCity and @PalavaCity to get featured!

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