The Peppa Family takes a ride to Palava!

The little ones at Palava City were in for a surprise when Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George Pig, Granny Pig, Miss Rabbit, Suzy Sheep and other members of the popular cartoon series, Peppa Pig paid a visit to Lakeshore Greens neighborhood of Palava!

This event in Palava was organised by Lodha in partnership with Viacom18 and Peppa Pig.

The 25th February afternoon saw over 250 children have a fun time with the Peppa Pig family at the Lakeside Park of Palava! They splashed paint and created art with the little ones and also taught them to make fascinating shapes with Origami! It is interesting to note that they only used recycled material to make their art – recycled paper, newspaper and plastic bottles to create art. One of the attractions was the Peppa Pig iconic plane created from the waste. If you have not guessed it yet, the aim of this event was to raise awareness of sustainability among the young ones and foster a no-waste attitude while being artistic.

In addition to the activities, parents could choose from a variety of souvenir Peppa Pig authorized merchandise to take home memories of the afternoon. And they all enjoyed an array of healthy lip smacking snacks and beverages! 

With sustainability at the heart of Palava – the International City with an Indian Heart, this collaboration was worthwhile to instill eco-friendly living for our young Palavians in a fun way. One could not have asked a better way to spend the weekend!

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