With entry and exit points, clubhouse vicinity and outdoor areas guarded 24/7 by efficient security personnel, Palava citizens can trust that if they or their loved ones lose their way in the city, they will be safely guided back home.

Last weekend was like any other jovial weekend at the riverside park; families were enjoying their picnics, children were playing hopscotch while their grandparents cheered them on and fitness enthusiasts were clocking their miles.

What seemed like a rather usual evening to everyone felt otherwise to an alert security guard when he saw a little toddler and immediately realized that he seemed to have lost his way. While the child was blissfully unaware of his surroundings, the security guard befriended the child and enquired about his home and parents. On collecting basic information he contacted Palava’s Duty Security Associate Nitin More who in turn discussed the situation with Palava’s Head of Security to decide on the next steps.

It was agreed that the PCMA security guard would take care of the child while the team traced and contacted its parents. While the child continued to play and had some snacks and water offered by the guard, the security team circulated his photograph in the citizen groups and also informed the local police station, as a precautionary measure. And within a few hours, the child was successfully dropped off home and reunited with his parents. It is indeed hard to get lost in Palava!

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