On the occasion of Word Environment Day, the city hosted a “Terrarium Workshop” for the citizens on how to build and nurture their own garden at home or in their neighborhood. This workshop was held in accordance to the Covid-19 protocol and required its participants to wear their mask and maintain adequate social distancing.

The workshop, organized by the city’s horticulture experts, showed children, teens and adults on how to build beautiful natural adornments in the space available and taught them to sculpt mini landscapes in the space available to them.

The participants learnt the basics of terrarium making, how to select plants and also about their light requirements. They learnt about different types of terrariums, materials and tools needed to assemble a dish garden and got their hands dirty during the demonstration of making a dry terrarium.

The workshop received an overwhelming response and was indeed an ideal tribute to Mother Earth for blessing us with the gift of nature.

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