The “new normal” has made individuals review their modern-day lifestyles and centre their focus on health and wellness. Increase in air pollution is one of the major causes of increasing lung ailments and breathing issues. Also, the present circumstances have compelled cities to review their transportation systems and implement sustainable changes to control the combustion of fuel.

Palava has always been ahead of the curve. While national authorities are encouraging car owners to opt for Electrical Vehicles, and metros are adapting to the sudden requirement of additional space and power supply for charging stations, Palava has partnered with Tata Power to ensure a hassle-free experience for ‘Electric Vehicle Charging’ for its citizens.

If you own an electric vehicle or are planning to invest in one, be rest assured that you will have access to more than one electric car charging station in the city. Likewise, e scooter charging stations will also be installed.
Tata Power, in an exclusive partnership with Lodha will soon be installing EV charging stations across the city that can be accessed by citizens, their family, friends and general visitors.

Over the next few months, Tata Power will install the EV charging stations at Palava at the below locations:
5 EV charging stations across Phase 1: Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold & Casa Rio-Rio Gold
3 EV charging stations across Phase 2: Lakeshore Greens & Downtown – Epic.

All EV owners will be able to monitor the charging status remotely as well as make payments online through the mobile app.

Palava is rightly known as a leader in environment sustainability and will always be committed to the cause and support such novel initiatives.

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