Palavians love staying in Palava! And most of the citizens’ family and friends are eager to know how they too can become a part of this International City with an Indian Heart. Palava has a “One Stop Shop” solution for all those who want to make it their home: Lodha EasyLease. Whether you are a flat owner who is looking to rent your home, or you know someone who is looking to lease a home in the city, simply connect them to Lodha EasyLease – the city’s safe and secure leasing service.

The EasyLease team led by skilled professionals guarantees an experience that is convenient and trustworthy. Beginning with hassle free registration, the team will help the owner and prospective tenant with an authentic verification process, share comprehensive details about rentals, and offer the widest range of inventory available on that given day and time.

How to connect with the team?
Simply send a “Hi” to 72089 86527 or call them on 87222 25977 to take the first step towards welcoming your friends and family to your city!

Please Note: EasyLease caters to both individuals as well as corporate housing requirements and promises an assured rental income on your home as follows:

Rental Rates in Palava Phase2
TypologyCarpet AreaRental Range (In Rs.)
1 BHK440-507 Sq Ft8,500 – 9,500
2 BHK Optima630-685 Sq. Ft9,500 – 10,500
2 BHK Ultima580-737 Sq. Ft10,500 – 12,000
3 BHK690-930 Sq. Ft12,500 – 13,500
3 BHK Premium1160 Sq. Ft27,500 – 30,000

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