At Palava we promote participative governance, which involves citizens taking an active ownership and participating in neighbourhood-level civic activities. The city aims to grow and prosper based on the efforts and ideas of its citizens, a unique philosophy where the administration and citizens work together with a sense of shared ownership and responsibility to create greater joy.

In line with this principle, Palava Mobility Council was formed and had been working closely with the PCMA team during this difficult pandemic phase. The council has been assisting us with the resumption of mobility services at Palava and bringing it back to normalcy.

A few of the initiatives which have been recommended by the Palava Mobility Council and have been implemented by PCMA team at Palava are –

  1. Connectivity from Palava2 to various parts of MMR has been enhanced through external bus services, thereby giving the residents an easy and convenient way to travel to their desired destination.
  2. Direct bus connectivity to Dombivli railway station at a 30 minute frequency during peak hours.
  3. Deployment of auto rickshaw stand at the transport exchange at Lakeshore Greens entrance Palava.
  4. Introducing additional cycle points across the city at strategic locations covering frequently visited areas by the residents like clubhouses, Olympic Sports Complex, Retail high-street. This has immensely assisted us in reducing the utilization of internal buses thereby helping us move towards a sustainable mobility model at Palava.

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