Go-to-guide for outdoor cycling

Bidding goodbye to the sultry summers, the thundering monsoon are here! This is the ideal season to gear up for monsoon cycling along a picturesque route!

We met Palava’s competitive cyclists, Murali and Pankaj who share their love for the bicycle and safety rules to make the most of any cycling adventure! Murali embarked on his cycling journey in 2017. He was inspired by the vibrant fitness community and open safe traffic free spaces in Palava to pursue his passion. “The enthusiastic runners and cyclists motivated me to purchase my first bicycle,” he says.

Below are some suggestions Murali & Pankaj have for the fellow cyclists.

Choose the Right Bike

Outdoor cycling in the monsoon is soothing for the mind though can get challenging for the body as you balance across slippery routes and a wet terrain. Choose a bike with good traction and reliable brakes. Pankaj advises choosing a bike with hydraulic disc break. He says, “The V-brakes or wired breaks can be prone to slipping on wet surfaces.”

Invest in Appropriate Gear

Gear up in lightweight and breathable rain gear to keep dry without causing overheating. Invest in waterproof and windproof jackets, pants, and shoe covers. And most importantly wear a waterproof helmet cover to protect and keep your head dry.

Map Safe Routes

Check weather forecasts for suitable ride hours and routes before you leave home and reschedule the ride if there is a weather warning. Avoid low-lying areas that are prone to flooding, use the front tire to check for pot holes. And when unexpectedly stuck in flooded regions, observe the movement of cars to gauge the depth of the water and accordingly decide the next move.

Protect your Gadgets

“In addition to choosing the right riding gear, another bike riding tip is to invest in waterproof covers for your gadgets,” Murali says, “Keep your phone, GPS devices, and other electronics in waterproof cases or bags to prevent water damage.”

Remember to Hydrate

While outdoor cycling in monsoon, the rain and cooler temperatures don’t get you too thirsty. Though remember you are engaging in a physical workout and need to stay hydrated during your ride. Always carry water or electrolyte-rich drinks, and drink regularly to replenish fluids lost through sweat.

Explore your neighbourhood or gather your cycling community for an intercity adventure across magnificent mountains and lush green fields! Discover the countless benefits of cycling, and with a cycling club, the fun multiplies! These two endurance cyclists attribute their success to the training facilities that Palava offers. Be it safe and dedicated routes for long distance cycling, the unstinted support and encouragement from several fitness communities or the good air quality, Palava nurtures their passion and helps build the stamina needed to achieve path-breaking goals.

Image Source: Unsplash.com

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