Wellness program for women at Palava

Wellness: A Cornerstone of Fulfillment and Balance. In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing physical and mental well-being is vital. A proactive approach boosts productivity, creativity, and efficiency, providing higher energy levels and reduced risk of chronic illnesses, fostering a sense of vitality.

Last week, the illustrious celebrity fitness trainer, Shivoham, and the esteemed celebrity mind coach, Vrinda, orchestrated a captivating Women Wellness program at the Lakeshore Club, Palava.

Shivoham, the harbinger of CrossFit training in India, brought forth his expertise, while Vrinda, a beacon of mental prowess, illuminated the path to holistic well-being. The program celebrated the virtues of attaining optimal health without relying on exorbitant gym equipment or succumbing to extravagant diets. Instead, the focus was on embracing simple exercise for women, revealing ingenious means to achieve wellness. Living a life wherein both mind and body thrive in harmony.

In an engaging dialogue with Shivoham, the women of Palava were enlightened about the significance of tailoring a bespoke physical training program to cater to their individual body and fitness requirements. Emphasizing the importance of making informed and mindful choices, he encouraged them to prioritize their health above all else, ensuring a path to sustainable and wholesome wellness.

In this 21st-century era, stress looms as a chronic health hazard, demanding attention and care. Vrinda, in her enlightening discourse, emphasized the vital role of mind management and processing challenging emotions for women’s wellness. Common challenges in women’s health- menopause, weight gain, postpartum depression, and PCOD often find their origins in chronic stress. To combat this and ensure the women’s mental health is addressed, Vrinda advocated simple yet powerful practices, such as 15 minutes of daily breathwork, basic yoga asanas, and clean eating, offering effective relief from stress and anxiety.

At Palava, health and fitness take center stage. With over 60% open green spaces, complemented by state-of-the-art clubhouses featuring well-equipped gyms, regular yoga classes and an Olympic Sports Centre catering to a myriad of sports with professional coaches – paves the way for residents to savor a fitter and more fulfilling life.

Driven by a passion for well-being, Palava takes pride in organizing the Wellness Program for Women – a dedicated effort to empower residents in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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