‘International Yoga Day,’ at Palava

An ascetic discipline.A union of body, mind and soul. A calming and a health-promoting routine. Yoga encompasses all of these things and more; it is a way of life.

Residents of Palava gathered for a yoga session at Lodha World School at Lakeshore Greens on the occasion of “International Yoga Day.” The Palava City hosted the “Yoga Hour,” which was led by a resident Yoga Naturopath Monika Pawar. She is pursuing her Master’s in Yoga Therapy and is the founder of Yoga Fitnesse, which conducts yoga classes at Lakeshore Greens. Following a brief introduction to yoga and some fundamental breathing exercises, the practise continued through 10 asanas of basic to intermediate levels before coming to an end. The enthusiastic audience of over 100 participants, ranging in age from 12yrs. to 65yrs., supported one another in their efforts to strengthen their holds and improve their posture.

While speaking with Monika after the session, we learned about the motivation behind her journey as an entrepreneur. She said, “Being a yoga teacher and practitioner, I always wished to have my sessions in an environment that facilitates me with all the basic yet key elements of life – Air, Water, Sky, and pure oxygen. At Palava, I found them all, and it led to a remarkable change in myself as well as my teaching practices that led to me launching ‘Yoga Fitnesse“.

In the words of Sanskruti Swad, a student of Lodha World School, Palava, and national level Yoga competitor, “Yoga is a medium to connect to my higher self and seek peace of mind. Yoga liberates me in a way that feels very safe and comfortable. At Lodha World School, Palava, my yoga coach, Harshad Nere, guided me throughout this beautiful journey. Because of the support I have received from my surroundings, I reached the National Level of competitive Yoga at just the age of 13. I am thankful to Palava for everything it has given me.”

At Palava, an International City with an Indian heart, we work to create an ecology that encourages fitness and wellbeing in order to live a better, more fulfilling life. This is one such step in making sure that our residents have a platform to live a healthy lifestyle and get connected to the right mentors and build a community of such like-minded individuals and eventually make it a way of life.

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