Palaso 2022 – The Biggest Sporting Extravaganza of Palava

November was a month filled with a lot of adrenalin rush, intense preparation and fierce competition at Palava! It was the month that hosted the much-awaited annual sports event: Palaso!

The fifth edition of Palaso 2022 was a sight to behold with over 3000 inhabitants from various age groups participating in over 20 sports!

Swimming, Yoga, Kho-kho Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Carrom, Karate, Football, Gymnastics, Chess, Skating, Basketball and more, the participants competed in a mix of indoor and outdoor sports.

The mega event was held at the world-class Olympic Sports Centre at Lakeshore Greens, our Football Stadium and various state-of-the-art clubhouses across Palava’s neighbourhoods.  

The event reinforces Palava’s commitment towards providing a healthier lifestyle to its residents through world-class sports infrastructure, professional training and the platform to showcase true sporting spirit.In case you were not court-side at Palaso, then take a look at this quick video to catch up with all the action you missed.

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