Spooky Times at Palava City

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween! Ghost lanterns, pumpkin sculptures, bloodthirsty games and witchcraft fanfare took over the neighbourhoods of Palava as families revelled on an eerie Halloween night!

Palava organized a Halloween-themed fanfare on the party lawns of Trinity Tower, Lakeshore Greens. While children were regaled by games such as Dracula Bites, Vampire’s Eyes and Ghost Bananas, their families tried their hand at witchcraft making and indulged in tattoo art! 

And the invite to this party had a strict dress code: the spookiest dress! Attendees were seen in Jack O’ Lanterns, bats, graves, skeletons, skulls, zombies, and other ghost avatars!

The highlight of the evening was the delectable and interesting culinary spread! Families savoured Blood Shots, aka fruit crush; Witch Fingers, aka Green colored Breadsticks; Spider-web Tarts, Mummy Crostinis wrapped with cheese; and Dark night cupcakes adorned with bat-shaped Fondant and more! The most sought-after was the Blood Sauce Fondue with Ribs, Nails, Kidneys, and Liver made of chocolate sauce with marshmallows, jujube, candies, and jelly!

And if you are wondering if everyone made it home after, they did, and some took along a few of their new ghost buddies!

At Palava, we pride ourselves on our strong, close-knit community that now stands at more than 2lac people. This event was another occasion where our families came together, made merry and had great fun.

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