Palava – An International City with an Indian Heart.

Living abroad has been an aspiration for the youth of India. Better quality of life offered by excellent education and job opportunities, infrastructural facilities and planned spaces have attracted Indians to foreign shores. But on the flip side of this rationalization coin lies the dread of leaving the larger base of loved ones and friends. Of not being an arm’s length away from ageing parents whose side you don’t want to leave. Of leaving behind the warm sense of belonging, the comfort of familiar traditions and the rich value system prevalent in our communities and so much more.

And then regardless of which side of the coin leads the way ahead, this dilemma is replaced by a sense of regret and unfulfilled desires.

But not when it comes to those who decide to reside at Palava! Truly an International city, with an Indian heart. Located right in Mumbai near Dombivli, the city is crafted to provide high quality of life at par with any global planned city, with an extra edge of a well-knit community. The city presents a beautiful blend of world-class infrastructure, best-in-class amenities large green and open spaces that rival the world’s best.

Palava – India’s No.1 Smart City * has wide roads that replicate the experience of magnificent Dubai streets. The presence of international brands in the finest retail spaces and multiplexes ensure that the best shopping, food and entertainment experiences can be treasured in this city that is unique in so many ways. 

With over 60% large open and green spaces, the city offers a healthier atmosphere for its citizens, which is especially crucial for wholesome development of children.  These lush green beautifully landscaped parks, transport you to the London’s Hyde Park. 

The city encourages green commute initiatives like cycling, car-pooling, and pedestrian friendly roads that help reduce pollution and improve the general quality of life of the residents. Palava has partnered with Tata Power to ensure a hassle-free experience for ‘Electric Vehicle Charging’ for its residents. The city is built with sustainable living at its core for future generations to prosper, whether it be in the utilisation of solar panels, water management, or waste management.

If we speak for the sports enthusiasts, the city boasts of Olympic Sports Centre that keeps everyone active and healthy. An unparalleled sports infrastructure – A 11-a-side football ground, a 9-hole golf course, badminton, squash, tennis courts with a professional coaching framework provide its residents with an opportunity to learn, enjoy and excel in sports. 

Supporting rising talents, the city also boasts of robust education facilities that can compete with Singapore’s. With 5 operational schools, the city is one of India’s leading education hubs and offers a choice of boards and world-class schools to the students.

With CCTVs, access cards for residential buildings and clubhouses and security vehicles patrolling around-the-clock, every precaution is taken to assure the families’ safety and security. 

Palava has also set up its own Mobility Hub – To ensure the residents have seamless connectivity to key the destinations of Mumbai.

Palava also has its own commercial centres as well. Named as Lodha Ithink, the space is home to some of the leading brands of the country offering access to work prospect nearby.

While all these facilities provide an unmatched experience, the most unique aspect of the city is its close-knit community of over 2 lakh citizens that evokes a strong sense of togetherness and belonging. Communities come together to celebrate and participate in all things big and small. And it is this sense of pride that makes these citizens calls them Palavians.

The city is thoughtful and is welcoming to ensure our senior folks also live a wholesome life. The senior citizens here are incredibly bonded and supportive of one another, whether it be through participating in fitness sessions, the laughter club sessions together organising cultural events on their own, travelling to many different locations and much more – they are truly a great balance of maturity and innocent zeal.

The city has collaborated with the renowned Jupiter hospital. Along with the existing medical facilities already in Palava, the hospital will further strengthen our focus on health and wellness for both the young families and the senior citizens and more importantly within a walking distance from their homes. Set to be functional by 2025, the hospital will have exclusive packages designed for the residents.

The city firmly believes in giving back to the society, and it supports numerous initiatives to that end. One of them is the “Building the Nation with Education” where students of nearby village are given access to the Lodha World School library.

Designed in a way that all the key amenities are within – 5-10-15 mins of any given residence, the city offers residents to lead a flourished life. A life that is international in its outlook yet remains Indian at heart is truly the concept of Palava city.

To catch a glimpse of this beautiful city, watch the below video:

*Based on JLL’s assessment of livability quotient in its 2017 research, “Livability Quotient: A Paradigm Shift in India’s Emerging Cities.”

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