At Palava, the welfare of the elderly is highly valued. The city offers several opportunities for enhancing older citizens’ quality of life and help them age gracefully. And one such endeavour was led by Adhata Trust, which is a Mumbai-based non-government organization committed to the psychological and social well-being of Senior Citizens of Palava.

The program engaged Senior Citizens through art based therapies and awareness sessions on healthy ageing. Following are some of the activities done by Adhata at Palava during the pandemic:

  • Physical Care through Zumba, Chair Yoga
  • Art based therapies like dancing, painting and other activities conduced in consultation with gerontologists, and
  • Celebration of various festivals and special occasions such as Friendship day, Elders Day, Joy of Giving Week.

Notwithstanding the present pandemic situation, Adhata has not only ensured Senior Citizens at Palava remain connected virtually but also engaged them in various activities while addressing their physical, social & emotional wellbeing.

Adhata has not only made sure that Senior Citizens in Palava remain linked virtually despite the current pandemic crisis, but has also actively included them in a variety of activities while attending to their physical, social, and emotional wellness.

Senior resident Shailesh Jha from Lakeshore Greens says, “Lockdowns were challenging while we were trapped inside our home’s four walls. However, the city has made significant efforts to ensure our emotional and physical well-being through programmes like Adhata at Palava. Proud to be a Palava City resident.”

On a regular basis such initiatives are taken at Palava to bring joy, happiness and boost the self-esteem and dignity of the older person. With every effort made to care for the elderly to make sure they lead comfortable lives – Palava is genuinely an International city with an Indian heart. 

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