It is the day for new beginnings. It is the hallmark of a new season. It is among the most auspicious days that mark the Hindu Calendar. It is the Maharashtrian New Year. Gudi Padwa is symbolic of culture, tradition, community, and celebration. It’s a sentiment interwoven across generations. Palava celebrated this sentiment with enthusiastic zeal and humble reverence.

Gudi Padwa began with an auspicious puja hosted by the Palava City Management Association at the Shiva temple at Lakeshore Greens. The puja was led by citizen couple Mr. & Mrs. Santosh Chaurasiya, who hoisted the ‘gudi’ at the temple in the presence of a select few neighbourhood citizens. The temple ceremony concluded with a traditional Maharashtrian lunch. Everyone was chatting about the upcoming ‘Swagat Rally,’ a bike rally known to be an iconic celebration specific to Gudi Padwa!

As anticipated, the Swagat Rally, a citizen initiative, was a spectacle to behold! An all-women bike rally saw the women of Palava don the finest of Maharashtrian ‘ Paithanis’ in the traditional ‘Navari’ or 9-yard drape and ride a bullet across the neighbourhood. While Lakeshore Greens encored to the rhythm of dhol-tasha and lezims, citizens applauded and cheered the ‘women power’ who rode from Lakeshore Greens to Centrum Clubhouse.

The day indeed marked the beginning of renewed hope, invigorating zeal, and inspiring camaraderie.

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