Palatial duplex living

There are various types of apartments across India which vary according to the geographical location, the climate of the region, building materials, architectural influence, lifestyle and financial status of the people. India has diverse architectural styles for homes that have evolved with trends, cultures and evolving needs, resulting in various types of house designs. Amongst these, one of the trending house designs are duplexes. 

So what is a duplex house meaning? A duplex apartment is a type of apartment that is laid over two levels one above the other. Usually a duplex apartment is a residence covering two floors with a kitchen and a common area. These floors are connected by a staircase or by an internal elevator. Many builders also modify the layout of the duplex apartment as per the needs of a buyer. The duplex apartment is a stylish, upmarket independent house type in India with the benefits of an apartment. A duplex apartment is ideal for joint families where everyone lives under one roof and also enjoys their privacy. Duplex houses offer a series of advantages in terms of privacy, affordability, and accommodative quotient. Here are a few advantages of a duplex house.

 1. Privacy– A duplex apartment is ideal for joint families where everyone wishes to live under one roof but desire their privacy as well. 

2. Affordability– It is a fact that duplex house price seems to be a costly proposition; but it is not that expensive. In comparison to independent homes, duplexes in a building are easier to maintain like any other apartment and are only a bit on the higher side.

3. Accommodative– After all, a duplex has the advantage of having two units inside a single home. Therefore, in terms of housing capacity, a duplex apartment can easily accommodate two families independently.

4. Additional Space for Home Office– If you want to run a business from home, a duplex can be an ideal solution for it. You can set up a dedicated office or meeting room on the ground or upper floor and work from home without leasing or renting an expensive office.

Keeping the above advantages in mind, duplex home designs have an excellent resale value along with a faster appreciation rate and tend to be one of the best real estate investments that are also the easiest to sell. The trend of duplex apartments has picked up in various cities across India and it isn’t any different in Mumbai. Duplexes in Bandra, Worli, Andheri are already a niche and in far eastern suburbs like Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and Dombivli have also started building such apartments for the luxury consumers in these markets. 

One such project offering duplex home designs in Dombivli is located in India’s No. 1 smart city at Palava, off the Central Avenue is Lodha Serenity. Lodha Serenity offers a lavish life with the most desired residences in the city with luxurious homes located in the heart of Palava, off Central Avenue offering magnificent lake views. Now, one can experience serene surroundings and a host of exclusive privileges back by the hospitality of Saint Amand with their lavish abode. With homes that reflect such eminence, life doesn’t get better than this. Lodha Serenity offers luxurious and spacious 3 bed residences, super-sized duplexes and lavish penthouses. 

The luxury duplex house at Lodha Serenity is a 4 bedroom apartment overlooking either the stunning lakeside views or the internal lush green streets. It is one of the best duplex home designs with large living and dining rooms connected to a lavish private garden with an exclusive entrance. The beautiful duplex house has a dedicated family space with limited duplexes in each tower. 

With magnificent views and spacious residences, Lodha Serenity provides an opportunity to not only own a home with stunning views but also world-class amenities and hospitality. Once you step outside your lavish abode and experience a host of exclusive privileges, you truly realize that life doesn’t get better than this.

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