Palava City: A home that offers purposeful living for senior citizens!

As one transcends in to the last quarter of their life, priorities further change, and the focus shifts back to one’s self. Midlife is often known to be filled with ambition, commitments, responsibilities and zest. While they continue to be important as one grows old, well-being becomes of paramount importance for senior citizens. Good health, community, family and friends, engaging activities, and fostering new relationships are known to boost happiness. Pursuing hobbies such as reading, gardening, volunteering or other creative endeavors, provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment. And of course, having a positive mindset and practicing gratitude helps one adapt to the changing times. We had an evening chat with senior citizen, Mr. Mahesh Welling who shared how Palava City is complimenting him in his journey.

Tell us why you chose Palava on your return from Dubai!

Oh, I was very excited by the facilities it offered and had heard a lot about its open green spaces, all the key amenities being at walking distance from home and its thriving senior citizen community. Me and my wife lived in Dubai and enjoyed a peaceful life, we wanted to continue living the same lifestyle and therefore purchased our house in Palava and we could not have made a better decision.

What do you like the most about your home in Palava?

Everything! I have a great social circle of friends, we enjoy walks in the neighbourhood gardens, I am a part of many cultural communities and organise festivals through the year, and the Palava City Management Association has always been prompt and courteous towards all our needs. I feel I am in safe hands.

Tell us about the Senior Citizens Club in Palava!

To be very honest, Palava makes one feel younger by the day! While I am a senior citizen I am yet to become a part of that community club as I am already a part of so many others where I brainstorm and work alongside young minds! Presently I am short of time to take on any more responsibilities. I have never been so busy…haha!

What is that one thing that you treasure most about Palava?

Undoubtedly, my friends in Palava! I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with such warm-hearted individuals in Palava; they have become like family to me. In addition, the city strikes a perfect balance between modern urban amenities and the beauty of nature. And, it’s worth mentioning the reassuring presence of round-the-clock security patrols.

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