The one we turn to when we run out of solutions, the one who celebrates us irrespective of we make it to the podium, the one who is our hero, our dad, dadda, popsy, The one we turn to when we run out of solutions, the one who celebrates us irrespective of we make it to the podium, the one who is our hero, our dad, dadda, popsy, baba, papa, appa, or simply pa. To celebrate the heroes who stand by their children, their families at every milestone and make each moment into a memory, Palava organized a Father’s Day event for the residents with much fanfare at the Lakeshore Greens.

The Palava City Management Association held a series of fun lawn games at the Lakeshore Club lawns, pool games at the swimming pool of the Olympic Sports Centre, movie marathons at the clubhouses. While a few began with playing pool games such as net the ring, boat race, and bucket brawl with their dads, others teamed up for the potato sack race; mat walk, giant Tic Tac Toss, and other interesting lawn games. And for the Lodha Crown residents, there was an exclusive pot-painting workshop led by Ecovibes!

With misty weather and the monsoon joining the party, the father-child duo also enjoyed the screening of superhero blockbusters, Avengers, Avengers – Age of Ultron, and Avengers – Infinity War at the Lakeshore & the Centrum Club. 

For all the participants, happiness knew no bounds! While dads took an in-between breather between games, we spoke to a few of them about their experiences in spending family time and bonding with their children at Palava. 

Manav Puri, a sports fan and resident of Lakeshore Greens, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity the city offers to bond with his son over a game of their choice. “My family feels incredibly fortunate to reside here. We have access to a wide range of sports thanks to the Olympic Sports Centre. Despite my busy work schedule, I still manage to play on the weekends – with the international standard sports infrastructure, it just eliminates most of the excuses! My kid, who also adores sports, has enrolled for badminton lessons and is thoroughly liking it. What matters is the quality time we spend as family and a healthy ecosystem – Palava truly makes it possible.”

Ambrish, a resident of Palava and a father to two daughters said, “To start with, the PCMA made all the dads feel really special by planning such a well thought-out celebration. Thank you! The support this city offers for a wholesome upbringing of kids is really fantastic. My daughters and I usually enjoy high street retail shopping at the Central Avenue, or a swim at the clubhouse pool, an afternoon movie at the clubhouses (we plan it with families of our kid’s friends) followed by some yummy snacks or a picnic at Lakeside Park or Water front Park. We also have fun riding Tilt cycles! My elder daughter is quite passionate about dance and we are glad that she is pursuing it at the Pacemakers dance academy in Lakeshore Greens – she is liking it a lot and is feasible for us as the sessions are nearby.”

While the Hallmark calendar celebrates Father’s Day only once a year, those residing at Palava feel fortunate to spend quality time with their loved ones every day.

The city has been designed with international infrastructure and top-notch upkeep in mind, as well as the strong Indian values that its residents aim to instil in their children. The PCMA engages in a host of activities through the year to ensure the residents are engaged in a meaningful manner, maintain strong community ties and camaraderie. 

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