The rainy season means a quarterly showcase of the best rainwear we all have! Colourful raincoats, funky gumboots, and beautiful umbrellas. While the monsoons colour our surroundings in lush green and a myriad of floral hues, Amol Satre, our resident artists decided to teach Palava residents how to paint their own umbrellas!

Palava hosted an ‘Umbrella Painting Workshop’ at the Centrum Club recently. Family and friends got together to paint their much-needed monsoon accessory: An umbrella. And the theme this year was ‘Nature.’ Be it leaves, forests, rainbows, ladybugs, sunshine, or gorgeous skies, Palava’s artists painted them all!

Following a demonstration on how to paint on a huge, white umbrella for everyone, the participants with all the gusto got right to work, focusing intently and creating lovely patterns.

Sayli Lomarkar, a resident of Lakeshore Greens, who was attending it for the first time was delighted to see the clubhouse turn into an art studio. “It is very peaceful to paint by the poolside in such a mesmerizing weather,” she said.  She is already looking forward to the next one!

Being held since 2018, the umbrella painting workshop is much sought after by children, parents, and grandparents at Palava. The joy of mixing colour and creative expression of art has never been bound by age! Says artist and workshop lead, Amol Satre, “Palava is home to art and culture and such workshops offer the ideal opportunity for art enthusiasts to learn new forms and designs of art. Over the past 4 years, I have witnessed participants evolve from simply copying my style to researching, practicing, and sketching their own unique designs.”

Such workshops really make it a good time for families to bond. Kids were amazed to see their parents pick the brush and rekindle their liking for painting, which often gets missed out in busy work routine. The kids painted the umbrella with joy and then proudly displayed their handiwork by taking pictures. They took different satisfaction altogether in owning a unique DIY umbrella.

And if you are wondering if one can really use these umbrellas in the torrential city rains, Amol clarifies that participants only use acrylic paints and they are mixed with a specific mix that transforms acrylic colours into permanent colours so that no umbrellas run colour.  

At Palava, community building is at the core – the city engages in a host of activities through the year to ensure the residents are engaged in a meaningful manner, foster creativity, encourage innovation and uphold strong community ties.

For information on forthcoming events, please check out our Facebook (@Palavathecity) and Instagram (@palavacity) stories OR enquire at the clubhouses.

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