House Interiors color selection tips

Home color selection tip for house interiors.

Sky is the limit when it comes to designing your personal space. Each corner of your house, the way you wish to style it, will call for a different answer. The colour combinations that are used to design a home can hugely influence the energy of the space and create a particular vibe for the homeowner. The home should showcase the personality of the owner.

To help create a vibrant and welcoming space it is essential to choose the right colour schemes.

Different parts of the house can boast a different colour combination for interior walls to complement the energies of the particular space in the house. It needs to promote balance, contrast, and visual intrigue.

Direction and focal points – Prior to choosing colours, you should consider about the room’s direction and focal points. The amount of sunlight you get will have an impact on how your paint looks throughout the day. For instance, a room facing east receives more sunshine than a room facing north. As north-facing rooms receive less natural light, you should choose brighter undertones to prevent the space from looking cold. The same approach applies to rooms facing east; choose colours with cooler undertones to keep the room’s hues harmonious.

Colors evoke an emotional response. In general, cool colors (blues, greens, and clean whites) are perceived as restful and soothing while warm colors (like red, orange, and yellow) create a sense of drama and energy. Cool colors are calming in private rooms like a bedroom; while warm colors are a good way to enliven spaces – the warm colours will provide a fun and amusing space that kids usually love.

Room Size – One of the simplest rules when it comes to color picking is that darker colors can make a room feel smaller, and visa versa for lighter colors.

Design style – Colors will help you achieve that bright and airy feeling, dark and moody, nature-inspired, or whatever design style you desire. One of the questions we ask in our free consultations is, “how do you want to feel in the space?” Consider this question when narrowing down your paint choices.

Tips to choose home design style

Complement the furniture shades 

It all comes down to knowing how to complement the wall shade you use with the décor and furnishings of the space. For instance for a house with wooden furniture, the coloring paring should be such that it elevates the wooden elements. Say a beautiful interplay of wooden finish and a gorgeous shade of yellow on the walls can give your room a soft appearance and make it look cosy. Ivory colors also do wonders when paired with wooden elements.

Tips to complement furniture shades

Wall accent

If your space has a specific style or colour palette, choose an accent wall paint colour from within this range. This will ensure that the colour blends seamlessly with all other decor items in the space for a unified look.

While still making an effect with an accent wall, neutral colours like whites, greys, tans, and creams may give timeless elegance to any space.A bright colour will help to liven up and give the place a dynamic appearance to the room.

Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s important to consider the existing design elements in your space and how they complement the room’s purpose. Accent wall paint colours can range from bold and bright to subtle and muted. Consider accent wall colour combinations that are complementary or analogous for a unified look.

Color swatches – And last but not least, the best tip we can give you is to use color swatches on the walls you want to paint. You can pick up a small paint sample to paint on your wall before you purchase the large cans. Allow the paint to fully dry and observe the colors at different times of the day, with different lighting temperatures, and against existing large furniture items you want to keep in that room. Do these colors translate to your space? How do they make you feel?

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